Water, Water, Everywhere So Let’s All Have a Drink

Single channel video, 28min

Water, Water, Everywhere So Let’s All Have a Drink takes the visual language of late-night television as its basic formal premise. The video, a quick succession of clips meant to invoke the activity of channel surfing, recreates the aesthetic and embodied experience of mindlessly scanning TV. First exhibited at the Austin Museum of Art, the work was projected onto a larger-than-life sculpture of a television set. Since then it has been screened at Prospect 1.5 in New Orleans, the Heuser Art Center, and the Dallas Biennale. Some of the tropes that Water, Water lampoons and celebrates, include, low-budget infomercials, how-to programs, home-shopping networks, sitcoms, and local news programming. The resulting visual assemblage attempts to make sense out of the overwhelming disconnection brought about by contemporary media’s image factory.
Watch the video here.