Roadside Attractions

Brochures and wooden display rack
Dimensions variable

Drawing on the ubiquity and everyday mystery of roadside tourism, Roadside Attractions turns away from the cosmopolitan bustle of the urban center and the tranquility of the rural landscape, focusing instead on all that may or may not exist in between. The work hinges on and plays off a variety of well known cultural forms (the small town visitor center, the quirky tourist attraction, the brochure and brochure rack, the aesthetics of self produced print–to name a few), but is neither a total send up nor a total celebration of these forms. As much a print project as a sculptural object, Roadside Attractions asks viewers to question what counts as information and knowledge, who gets to create and disseminate such information and knowledge, all while remaining visually engaging, conceptually buoyant, and aimed at the widest possible audience.